Ann Hampton Callaway
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       AT LAST

  1. What Is This Thing Called Love?
  2. Comes Love
  3. Carey
  4. At Last
  5. Spain
  6. Lazy Afternoon
  7. Landslide
  8. Save A Place For Me
  9. Over The Rainbow
  10. Finding Beauty
  11. On My Way to You

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What Ann Says about her new CD "At Last"

Recently, I told a friend that I wanted to help the world fall in love. As I travel more and more, I feel protective of the human heart. Everywhere people are struggling with the stress, anxiety, and uncertainty of these crazy times. What's a heart to do?

As years go by, I am increasingly awestruck by the power of music. It seems to have the sneakiest way of reaching deep inside of all of us and making us human once more. Good songs remind us that there is more to life than headlines. We have heartlines too, and they are patiently waiting to bring us closer together.

This eclectic and very personal collection of songs begins with a timeless question. What follows may or may not provide answers. But I have tried to reflect my own path of steps and missteps along the way to love. When I recorded the closing song, "On My Way to You," I was unable to sing it without crying. I wept, sang, and wept some more. I thought of all the leaps of faith that have brought me to the place I stand today - at last.

May these songs carry good wishes to you, wherever you are. I share them with gratitude for every love who has come close and every inch of this heart-wrenching, beautiful journey.


In Tune International: "Every new release by Ann is an event and this time is no exception. You will be amazed at how consistent she is on this long awaited CD. She certainly excels in this program of 11 love songs. "What Is This Thing Called Love" (Porter) kicks things off with a wonderful beat. Midway Ann scats delightfully. Her amazing conclusion is hands down the most noteworthy.

The charming title song by Gordon and Warren is spectacular. I've never heard the verse before and Ann lets me have it with both barrels. The song is carefully, slowly and emotionally sung to the hilt. Properly titled this CD is a mindblower. "Lazy Afternoon" (Moross/Latouch) is special. Ann sounds very much like the famous Morgana King, yet she actually takes this mysterious and lilting song many steps further. The romantic magical mood is all there, heavy breathing and all.

Ann sings the life out of "Over The Rainbow" (Arlen/Harburg). The familiar verse is sung perfectly sans musical accompaniment. And just listen to the mellow Marvin Stamm midway flugelhorn solo. Ann almost does the impossible clocking in at over six minutes. Her last notes are still ringing in my ears.

And finally Ms. Callaway ably sings "On My Way To You" (Bergmans/Legrand). It's courageous exposing yourself by singing such a collection of quiet love songs in such a personal manner."

Next Magazine: "Sexy, sultry Ann Hampton Callaway wants you to fall in love this February with the release of her fabulous new disc, At Last, on Telarc Jazz. A mix of standards, pop songs and a couple of original tunes, At Last is as lush, gorgeous and beautiful as Callaway herself. Who else could blend Cole Porter and Harold Arlen with Stevie Nicks and Joni Mitchell?"

Ann Hampton Callaway, vocals
Ted Rosenthal, piano
Jay Leonhart, bass
Victor Lewis, drums

with special guests:

Rodney Jones, guitar
Mads Tolling, violin
Teodross Avery, tenor saxophone
Marvin Stamm, flugelhorn
Wycliffe Gordon, trombone
Emedin Rivera, percussion

"At Last", Telarc
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At Last

Blues In The Night

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Who Can See The Same Blue Again


Easy Living


This Christmas

After Ours

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Sibling Revelry

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