Ann Hamptonc Callaway
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Blues In The Night

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  1. Swingin' Away The Blues
  2. Blue Moon
  3. Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most
  4. Lover Come Back To Me
  5. Stormy Weather / When The Sun Comes Out
  6. The I'm-Too-White-To-Sing-The-Blues Blues
  7. Willow Weep For Me
  8. Hip To Be Happy
  9. It's All Right With Me
  10. No One Is Alone
  11. Blues In The Night)
  12. (The Glory Of Love
  13. You Are You (iTunes bonus track)

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Barnes & Noble Experience, combined with artistic essentials including gorgeous tone and infectious rhythmic momentum, are what distinguish a vocal wannabe from a heavyweight. Ann Hampton Callaway has applied herself to the craft of singing jazz and popular standards for some two decades now -- she's as polished a vocalist as the music is going to find. While still in the bloom of her voice, Callaway also brings a seasoned expressive approach to a song that sets her apart from the up-and-comers crowding the vocal market, singers whose youth often betrays them. On Blues in the Night Callaway surrounds herself with first-class players who reflect her own musicianly skills, among them pianist Ted Rosenthal, bassist Christian McBride, and drummers Lewis Nash and Sherrie Maricle. If this exemplary stylist in her element caressing Great American Songbook masterworks ("Willow Weep for Me," "Blues in the Night," "Blue Moon') she's equally adept at delivering her own in-the-tradition songs, which capture her sharp sense of humor ("The I'm-Too-White-to-Sing-the-Blues Blues," "Hip to Be Happy"). On a roll when it comes to recent recordings, Blues in the Night continues this marvelous singer's winning streak. Steve Futterman

Customer Reviews
A reviewer, a big fan of vocal jazz.
The CD I have been waiting for!
This is the CD where it all comes together for Ann Hampton Callaway. Finally a CD that captures the ebullience and daring of her thrilling live performances. The CDs opening trumpet riff is a herald, a sexy how do you do, announcing that something fabulous has indeed arrived. The first track SWINGING AWAY THE BLUES had me dancing in my chair and by the second time around I was singing along with the catchy hook. Hard to believe this is a Callaway original tune. It has the feeling of a familiar chestnut. Tommy Newsom's (yes, THAT Tommy Newsom) big band arrangements swing effortlessly and the Diva Jazz Orchestra plays with brass and sass. But isn't this BLUES IN THE NIGHT? I thought I was going to hear a disc full of woe. I think this CD is more about longing than it is about actual sadness. AHC has an unerring sense of taste and her readings are always intelligent and sophisticated. Callaway takes the familiar swing format and bends it until it's blue on the big band numbers. With trio (Ted Rosenthal, Lewis Nash & Christian McBride) she sings with warmth and sensuality on numbers like IT'S ALL RIGHT WITH ME and SPRING CAN REALLY HANG YOU UP THE MOST. Parts of this CD come back to me throughout the day and I can't wait to hit the start button again. I found it especially enjoyable on the car stereo. Hip Hip Hooray!

Ann Hampton Callaway, vocals
Ted Rosenthal, piano
Christian McBride, bass
Lewis Nash, drums
With special guests:
Liz Callaway, vocals
David Gilmore, guitar
Sherrie Maricle and the Diva Jazz Orchestra
Produced by Ann Hampton Callaway and Elaine Martone

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At Last

Blues In The Night

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Who Can See The Same Blue Again


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Ann Hampton Callaway