Ann-Thology Number Six - September 2001


On the Morning of the Unthinkable

Let us pray
Beloved friends
On this day that has forever changed our nation
And our world
Let us pray for blessings of protection
For our fragile, fragile home
That we live in together
We now live in a war zone
And we must succeed in keeping peace in our hearts
Or the terrorists will have succeeded
In winning their inexplicable war
If there was a day to pray
It is today
Already the symbol of New York has fallen
And the symbol of our government has been crushed
We cannot know what may be next
Let us unite our hearts in prayer
And form a holy circle around us
Of love and blessings
Almighty God,
We beseech you to give us mercy
We are awake as we have never been
And ask for your guidance in this dark hour
Keep us safe from harm
Stop the hideous violence
The senseless destruction
And hold us
In your tender hands
Hold us and heal us
Our hearts are broken
We do not feel safe